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Barrera Vehicular FAAC 620 Rapida

Barrera Vehicular FAAC 620 Rapida
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Disponibilidad: Bajo Pedido
Modelo: 620 RAPID
Fabricante: FAAC
Puntuación Promedio: No Votado

Barrera Vehicular FAAC 620 Rapida (hasta 4 mtr)

• Use frequency 100%

• Opening/closing time < 3 s

• Activation system comprising hydraulic pump unit, plunger pistons, equaliser and transmission shaft

• Balancing by compression spring • Internal stops adjustable for open or closed beam positions

• Load bearing housing in steel protected by cataphoresis treatment and polyester powder paint RAL 2004

• Overall dimensions (L x W x H) 200x380x1080 mm

• Protection class IP 44

• Release device accessible from the outside by triangular or customised key (optional)

• Hydraulic pump unit with hydraulic locking at opening and closing

• Electric motor power supply 230 V (+6% -10%) - 50(60) Hz

• Electric motor power 220 W

• Thermal protection at 120°C built into motor winding

• Operating ambient temperature -20°C +55°C

• Single-phase motor with two rotation directions (1,400 rpm)

• Hydraulic gerotor pump (max low noise)

• Pump flow rate 1.5 - 2 l/m

• Die-cast distribution flange

• Separate control of opening and closing force by by-pass valves - Anti-crushing safety to UNI 8612 standard

• Tank in anodised aluminium

• Mineral hydraulic oil with additives

• Travel-limit deceleration

• Adjustable deceleration angle by cams

• Automatically activated cooling ventilation

• Designed to accommodate rectangular, articulated rectangular, anodised aluminium, round, pivoting round beams

• Built-in electronic control equipment

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Barrera Vehicular FAAC 620 Rapida
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